Ariel and Rapunzel have to make their choices.

Sign the contracts and protect their families from all the villains. All for the price of some tears and a triton. Never have I ever made a better offer. Think it over ladies.

Hey can I get the villain chat ?

I don’t recall you qualifying for the villain chat. 

Maleficent daarrlllling, how have you been?

Wonderful. Absolutely splendid. I even transformed Wendy and Melody into mermaids like you asked. Oh the plans we have for them.

So Mal turned me and Wendy into mermaids. What was that for? o.o I don’t mind but…
That awkward Moment when Maleficent attacks and John Smith disappears .




That awkward moment when Malificent attacks and you don’t get to join in on the fun.

((That awkward moment where Malificent wants you to join her AND YOU ARE SO TEMPTED.))

((if you leave me I will end you ))

(( :D I’m so glad you care about me. <3 ))

My bird is all better now Flynn!

My bird is all better now Flynn!

Yes yes I know

I could always protect you if you were willing to sign over to the villains.

I look remarkable.

I look remarkable.

worthless twit? jeez, lizard lady, stop talkin' about yourself like that!

Wow, Peter I truly thought you understood English. But alas, I guess all you speak is fluently gibberish. Run along and play with Tinkerbell why you still can.

al, ya jerk, we’re playing dead so mal goes away. now die.

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He didn’t have to kick me >_>

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Yes he did you were ruining the illusion. 

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I was in OOC!

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Truly boring. *yawns*